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American Pride Remodeling Co., Inc., A provider of quality home improvement and remodeling needs. Our services include home or business modifications/ remodeling to provide safe accessibility and security to the mobility challenged, handicapped persons in your life. Take a look at some of our projects in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Remodeling Project

This bathroom/ wetroom was increased in size, by removing two walls. Now this room exceeds ADA guidelines, and is very easy to maintain. The entrance to this room is automated with a pair of Gentleman Door operators, push a button and the doors open for you!

A ramp from Access4U, installed at a school in Philadelphia, PA. This ramp system retains a set of stairs for anyone not needing the assistance of the ramp.

Remodeling Project

A zero barrier shower, ready to go into a home in Scranton, PA. This shower will allow the user to roll into the shower in their shower chair, or transfer, to a waiting, folding bench mounted on the rear wall.

Who says medical equipment needs to be white or beige? Not us! At a school for special needs children, the kids were afraid of the unit and its' methods of operation. That is until they saw the laughing Catepillar. The children were more than willing to ride on the catepillars backs to get upstairs. There are three Savaria ES-125 inclined platform lift units, all decorated in differant colors and faces to carry them anywhere in the school they need to go!

Door Operator on Door New from Gentleman Door. We now offer power door operators from Gentleman Door. A pneumatic door opener, press a button and the connected door opens effortlessly for you. No more leaning or reaching for a door and having to maneuver to pass into the next room. These operators will open a door or window without your having to leave your chair! How great is that?

The Guldmann GH1F, the portable overhead/ ceiling lift system. This unit goes from the bedroom down the hall to a waiting chairlift where the user can sit and enjoy time with friends and family in a room other than their bedroom.



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